Create an Audio Video Bundle

Choose the A/V Bundle product type when creating a new product. This product type is essentially a standard Audio product type with one or more videos included at the end of the track list.

Note: Choosing A/V Bundle significantly impacts distribution of the product. A/V Bundles are currently only delivered to Apple Music and Amazon Music.




Once you select A/V Bundle and click Create Product, you'll see a Draft product that looks nearly identical to an standard Audio version.

When you're ready to add your video track(s), click the New Video Track button on the top right of the track list.


This will add a video track to the end of the track list where the video asset can be uploaded and the video's metadata entered.

Note that you are not required or able to select thumbnail images on the video track because they are not used by the music services.

Once your A/V Bundle is ready, Submit for Review as you would any other product type. Also note that all video tracks must be at the end of the track list in order to be submitted and distributed.


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