What use "Retargeting Audiences" in Smart Audience Ads?

Retargeting audiences are a way to supplement your Smart Audience by targeting advertisements to people who have previously interacted or converted through your Smart Audience ads. During an ad run, people will click your Smart Audience ads on Facebook/Instagram or interact with the landing pages. After those interactions, Meta allows you to include those people in the targeting of future ads (aka - "retarget" them). In our use of retargeting audiences, we will directly target both those people who converted through your previous Smart Audience ads and similar people as deemed by Meta's understanding of their own users. 

This is useful because it typically takes multiple interactions with a potential fan before they will click through to listen to an artist on streaming services. In the case of Smart Audience advertising, you'll select from 1 to 3 of your prior Smart Audience ads for us to build your retargeting audience, which should make the people being retargeted more likely to click through and stream your music. This retargeting group and the Smart Audience generated during ad creation will both be used in your ad simultaneously.

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