Edit Multiple Tracks and Copy Product Metadata to Tracks

Whether you're creating a new product Draft or working on a Change Request Draft for an existing one, you may often need to apply the same change to more than one track.  Examples include changing the price on every track on a product, or adding the same artist to every track after you've already created them.

To edit multiple tracks on a new product Draft or a Change Request Draft, select the tracks you want to edit by clicking the appropriate check boxes down the left side of the of the track list.  To select all tracks for editing, click Select All Tracks above the track list:



Once you've selected the tracks you want to edit, click Edit Selected Tracks.  This will open a multi-track version of the normal track metadata editing window.  Make any edits you'd like to apply to all of the selected tracks, click Done and confirm by clicking Save:




If during the editing process you decide you don't want to apply the changes, click Cancel and then Close Without Saving.  If you've made edits to a field but haven't saved them yet and would like to revert the field to the pre-edited value, hover over the yellow change indicator icon to the left of the field.  This turns it into a red arrow that will revert the field to the original value when clicked:





Reverting to a previous value only works within an open window.  Changes cannot be reverted this way if you've already saved all of the changes and reopened the edit window.

When editing a field on multiple tracks that have different values on each track (eg. you select two tracks that already have differing prices on them), you will see "Mixed" in light gray text in the field.  This indicates that the existing values don't match across all selected tracks, and by overwriting this in the edit window, you will apply one uniform value to all selected tracks.

Here is an example of 6 selected tracks that have Artist and Display Artist values that differ from one another:



By typing a new value over the Mixed indicator and saving, you will apply a uniform value to that field for all selected tracks.


Copying Product Metadata to Tracks

After you've selected one or more tracks to edit, you can also choose to copy metadata from the product level into your selected tracks.

Select the track or tracks you want to edit via the checkboxes on the left, then click Copy Product Metadata at the top of the track list.


You can then select which of the following product level fields you'd like to copy into the selected tracks:

  • Title
  • Version
  • Artist(s)
  • Genre
  • C Line
  • P Line

And you can also choose whether to overwrite any existing information already entered in those fields in the selected tracks. Leaving this box unchecked will only copy the chosen product level fields into the tracks where each of those fields is empty.



Once you've selected the settings you want, click Copy and the selected product metadata fields will be copied to their respective fields in the selected tracks, according to the settings you've selected.

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