" - Single" and " - EP" in Titles

As a policy, do not add " - Single" or " - EP" to the end of product titles in an attempt to meet Apple Music and iTunes requirements.

Apple does require " - Single" or " - EP" at the end of titles based on their own track count and duration rules.  INgrooves' delivery system will automatically append these tags to the end of the entire display title as it will display on Apple's storefronts.

As a policy, do not add these tags to the end of any field in Central in an attempt to conform to Apple's rules.  These will be handled automatically by our delivery system.

Keep in mind that Apple often edits title formatting themselves.  If you have a product that naturally ends in the word "Single" or "EP", like Interpol's "The Black EP", you may see it edited to "The Black - EP", for instance.

So if you have a sensitive release and would like to ensure proper formatting on Apple Music and iTunes, contact musicsupport@ingrooves.com.

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