Original Release Date


The Original Release Date field indicates the date on which the specific collection of tracks in the given product was first (or will be) made available for consumption in any format.  In many cases the Original Release Date will be the same as the Release Date, meaning the product you are submitting is about to become available for the first time in any format.



A common example where the Original Release Date is earlier than the Release Date is when there was an earlier physical release of the digital product in your catalog.  For instance, a specific collection of tracks may have been released on vinyl in 1970 and the digital version of it is to be made available in 2018.  In this case the Original Release Date would reflect the original 1970’s date and the Release Date would reflect the 2018 date on which the digital product will go live.

If the new product is a remastered version of an older original product, you should use the Original Release Date to reflect the release of the original master version and the Release Date to reflect when the remastered digital version was or will be made available.



We strongly recommend that you enter Original Release Date on every product, including your existing Catalog and even if it’s the same as a given product’s Release Date.  This will ensure both accurate display on many music services and optimal performance in voice searches and algorithmic discovery tools.

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