Product Title and Version - Style Guide

The product level Title (album title) should match the spelling of the artwork when applicable and should not contain additional information such as release format, artists, subtitle or version information.  Capitalization should follow rules outlined in Capitalization Rules.

The Version field should be used as needed for entry of supplementary, differentiating information such as:

  • Remastered
  • Anniversary Edition
  • Deluxe Version
  • Original Soundtrack

On any product where the same Version is used on every track - including single-track products - the same Version must be included in the product level Version.  Eg:


Product Title

Product Version

Track Title

Track Version

Title A


Track A



Track B



Track C



Do not include any information in Title or Version that is unnecessary or better represented in other fields, such as featured artists.  Other examples include but are not limited to:

  • EP
  • Single
  • LP
  • CD
  • Digital Only
  • Clean Version
  • Explicit
  • 12”

Some music services may append “Single” or “EP” to product Titles at their discretion.  Although you may include music service names (eg: Spotify Sessions), these may be blocked from delivery to other music services.

If your product has more than one piece of Version information in the Version field, put the additional Versions on parenthesis, eg: Deluxe Version (Remastered).

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