Artists - Style Guide

Artist fields are incredibly sensitive in that they can determine not only how a product or track is displayed at music services, but also how search results are returned, and how artist pages are generated and linked to products at the music services.  Music services often have different approaches to artist display and linking, so it is extremely important to adhere to the rules outlined below to ensure the best results across all music services.


Artists are entered on both the product and track level by using separate fields for each artist, with an assigned role for each.  These entries are combined, based on their roles, to create the Display Artist field.  The Display Artist field is often used by music services as the primary visual representation of the artists on a product or track.

Each instance of an artist name should have a consistent spelling, both within the product and across other products on which they appear.  Artist fields should not include any additional information beyond the name, like aliases, former bands, roles or instruments.


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