Artist Roles - Style Guide


The primary performing artist.  Always enter each Main Artist separately in its own field.  The first Artist field is locked to Main, as at least one Main artist is required.  Product level Artists must be limited to no more than three Main artists, with four or more requiring a Various Artists designation.


Describes a guest appearance by the given artist.  Featured Artists must always be entered separately from Main artists and not combined into Title, Version or any other field.  If a Featured Artist appears on all tracks on the product (including single-track products), they must be included as a Featured Artist on the product level as well.


The artist responsible for a specific version or adaptation of the track.  Remixers must always be entered separately from Main artists and not combined into the Title.  Unlike other roles, it can be included in the track Version field in addition to being entered as a Remixer artist.  

If a track’s Main artist is also remixed the track, only enter them once with role Main.  If every track on a product (including single-track products) have the same Remixer, the Remixer artist must be included as a Remixer on the product as well.

Artist Roles and the Display Artist Field

The Display Artist field is generated by included all Main artists, separated by commas, then inserting “feat.” followed by all Featured artists.  Artists with the role of Remixer are not included in the Display Artist (see previous example).

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