Rights Confirmation in Central Submissions

Rights Confirmation

Many music services identify certain types of content for which they require a separate confirmation of ownership and rights to the content before the music service will permit that content to be delivered to and made available on the music service.

The foregoing rights confirmation requirement by the music service is based on the music services' internal policies and procedures. Ingrooves must comply with each music service's rights confirmation requirements, and therefore, when necessary, Ingrooves may request that you provide evidence and confirmation of your rights to certain content that you deliver to Ingrooves.

The notification process requesting confirmation of rights to certain content was, in the past, done by Ingrooves sending you an email requesting that you provide confirmation and evidence of your rights to certain content before that content could be made available on a certain music service.

Ingrooves has now automated how Ingrooves contacts you regarding any required rights confirmation from a music service. Now, if you are ever prompted by Ingrooves' Central Submissions system to confirm your rights to distribute a particular record and you are legally authorized to confirm such rights, simply follow the instructions on the Ingrooves system in Central Submissions.

Please note that if you do not have the legal authority to confirm that you have rights to certain content, you should not confirm such rights via the Central Submissions system; instead, you should notify someone who has such legal authority to confirm such rights using the Central Submissions system and that person with such legal authority must confirm such rights to the content. In the event that you have any questions regarding the foregoing rights confirmation process, please email Music Support at musicsupport@ingrooves.com





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