Smart Audience Advertising

What are Smart Audience advertisements?

Smart Audience advertisements use our proprietary audience targeting algorithm that delivers best-in-class ad spend efficiency for online music advertisements. By analyzing streaming behavior, we’re able to identify high-value audiences who are considered more likely to stream your content. We then help you reach those groups of potential fans by automatically combining the Smart Audience targeting with the simple and efficient ad creation process in the Dispatch Ad Suite. That combination empowers you to create incredibly effective ads in a matter of minutes, even with little to no advertising experience.

How are they different?

Most ad targeting is based on behavior within social platforms, but Smart Audience advertisements are different because the targeting is based on behavior within streaming platforms. By analyzing streaming behavior, we’re able to identify the key characteristics of an artist’s most strongly engaged listeners, and then we determine groups of potential new fans who demonstrate similar behavior on streaming platforms but are yet to engage with that specific content as much as expected.

How can I use them?

Smart Audience advertisements can be created quickly and easily in the Dispatch Ad Suite! If you’d like to start using them, then let us know and we’ll get you set up.



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