Territory and Music Service Restrictions

While creating a product, you can set territory and music service restrictions to control where your product will be delivered.

Open a Draft product and click the Restrictions tab under the cover image box, then click the Edit button on the right side of the Territories/Music Services Restrictions bar.




This will open the Edit Product Restrictions window where you can control territory and music service by clicking on their respective tabs within the window.




By default, these are set to Worldwide and All Music Services.  Using territories as an example, first choose whether you'd like to Allow Only or Deny Only.  It's generally advisable to make the choice that will require the least amount of actions afterward, eg: if the only place you don't want the product to be available is the US, choose Deny Only, and click US.  If the US is the only territory you'd like it to go live, choose Allow Only, US.

You can also change between Allow Only and Deny Only after you've made your choices, and your selections will flip to represent the opposite choices:




Same settings, switched to Deny Only:




Keep in mind that by choosing Allow Only, you are stating in effect that you do not want to allow any territories or music services that may come into existence in the future, as they are not included in the set of Allow Only territories or music services you choose.  By choosing Deny Only, you are implicitly allowing future territories and music services because they are not included in the set of Deny Only territories or music services.


NOTE: Your contract with Ingrooves may automatically restrict certain territories. These restrictions are reflected by pre-existing restrictions with a lock icon instead of a checkbox, and reflect a higher, label-level restriction that can only be directly controlled by Ingrooves. If you need to override one of these locked restrictions, contact musicsupport@ingrooves.com.

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