Platform Description: Sales Page

The Sales Analytics Dashboard contains a Sales and Retailers menu:

Sales Page

The Sales page is a high level overview of business performance.

The modules found on the page include:

Top Activity: Lists the total number of album downloads, track downloads and track streams for the specific date range selected. By default the past 7 days of activity is shown. 

Top 10 ModulesLists by ranking your top 10 album downloads, top 10 track streams, top 10 track downloads, and top 10 pre-orders across your entire business.

Top Retailers Trends: Provides a high level overview of how your business is performing at iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

Viewing revenue or units:

At any point you can reload the views on the page to show either units or revenue with the toggle button located in the filters.


To do so, click the desired values and click the apply button.


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