Platform Descriptions: Specific Retailer Pages

Specific Retailer Pages

Retailer specific information is available in 2 ways:

1. To view top activity and information for just 1 retailer, select the retailer from the drop-down menu in the fitlers and click Apply Filters


2. To view more specific retailer information, choose the retailer from menu located in the navigation menu at the top of the page:


This view provides the most detailed look at how your business performs at a specific retailer. View top performing artists, albums and tracks and gain important insights at specific retailers.

There are a wide variety of widgets available for each retailer depending on the data that is provided.

The following are found across all retailers:

Top Activity Charts: This shows the top performing albums, tracks and/or pre-orders across the service.

Specific Retailer Trends: This shows the breakdown between all albums or tracks at the specific retailer.

The following information is provided for only some retailers:

Subscriber Types: Subscriber types show the # of streams or revenue generated by the different subscriber type at the retailer.

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