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The most efficient way to submit content for high volume clients who use our bulk sheet (xlsx metadata spreadsheet) is via sFTP. Any FTP application can be used as long as the assets are sent to the appropriate INgrooves FTP server.

The FTP server will require a username and password that is provided to you by INgrooves. If you have not received or have forgotten your login credentials and would like to submit content via FTP please submit a request below or send an email to musicsupport@ingrooves.com.

The instructions below focus on Filezilla which is a popular ftp client for both windows and macs.



1. Download and install Filezilla: https://filezilla-project.org/

2. Connect to the FTP server:

  • Using the Quick Connect bar enter the following in the Host text box: sftp://ftp.ingrooves.com
  • Next enter the username and password that was provided to you by INgrooves
  • In the Port text box enter: 22
  • Once the Host, Username, Password and Port have been entered click the Quickconnect button


3. Adding audio files to the INgrooves FTP server:

  • Once the connection succeeds you will see the Remote Site section on the right side of the of the window. The right side window is the INgrooves FTP server.
  • The left side of the window under the Local Site section contains your local files and/or folders.
  • On the right side window (INgrooves FTP location) right click and create a new directory. Name the new directory: LabelName_Date

  • For example, if your label name is INgrooves and the date is August 10th, 2016 the directory name would look like this: INgrooves_20160810
  • Within your submission directory create new sub-directories for each album that you would like to submit
  • Each album folder will need to be the name of the associated catalog # for the album that is contained within it.
  • For example, if the album belongs to catalog # CAT0001 the album folder would be named: CAT0001
  • The album audio files need to be placed within the catalog # folder and will need to be named exactly the same as what was supplied in the Song File Name column of the bulk sheet. NOTE that special characters are not supported in the audio file names and will cause parsing errors.
  • Once you have confirmed that your files and the FTP directories are named correctly simply drag the audio files from your computer into the appropriate catalog folder on the right window of Filezilla
  • The following is an example of a correctly supplied FTP hierarchy: INgrooves_20160810/CAT0001/Audio1.wav

4. Adding cover art files to the INgrooves FTP server:

  • All cover art files will need to be contained in a single folder within your submission directory. The cover art folder will need to be named: covers
  • Within your submission directory right click and create a new directory called: covers
  • Each artwork file will need to be the name of the catalog # that is associated to the artwork
  • For example, if the artwork belongs to catalog # CAT0001 the artwork file will need to be named: CAT0001.jpg
  • Once you have confirmed that your files and the FTP directory are named correctly drag the artwork files from your computer into the covers folder on the FTP
  • The following is an example of a correctly supplied cover FTP hierarchy: INgrooves_20160810\covers

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