The Sales Dashboard does not match my monthly statement, why?

There are 2 main reasons the sales dashboard will not match a monthly statement.

1. Your labels or sub labels each receive a separate monthly statement, but the Sales Analytics view is consolidated:
There are certain cases where clients receive separate statements for their different label entities. The Anayltics Dashboard consolidates the data for ease of use.
To fully resolve the data in the dashboard to the monthly statements one would need to total the separated statements into one. This number should equal the total shown in the Sales Dashboard.
2. Your labels or sub labels are consolidated into 1 monthly statement, but the Sales Analytics view is not consolidated:
Some clients may experience a situation where they have 1 consolidated monthly statement for all of their labels and/or sub labels but the Sales Analytics view lists each separately.
To resolve these numbers, a label would need to view the data for each top level label in the Sales Analytics Platform, total those values and match it to numbers in their consolidated statement.



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