Price & Genre Selection & Mapping

When choosing your genres and price tiers during product creation, it's important to remember a few things about how the music services handle this information.

Each of our distribution partners can have different rules and requirements around pricing and genre. For instance, they may have a predefined set of track or product prices that are acceptable to them, or a predefined set of genre names that they prefer to use.

In cases where a given music service’s prices or genres don’t exactly match Ingrooves prices or genres, we are required to set our system to translate your genre to the closest match at the music service. You may see something you submitted as Rock > Indie Rock appear in a certain music service’s Alternative Rock or just plain Rock section, for example.

Suggested Retail List Price (SRLP) as shown in our price tier choices is similar, in that we cannot guarantee how any given site will price a piece of content. For instance, certain retailers have a fixed track price and calculate product prices based on the sum of the track prices. In other cases, a music service may not support the exact value for a chosen price tier, and will increase or decrease the price to the nearest one that they support.

We can’t guarantee exact genre or price matches across the board, but will do everything possible to help you get the desired results. If you have questions about a particular price or genre and want to maximize your chances of getting the best results, contact or submit a request below for guidance.

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