Full Takedowns and Removing Content from Music Services

If you need to remove a product from a music service, a certain territory or completely take it down from all services worldwide, contact musicsupport@ingrooves.com or submit a request via the help center below.

The following information must be included in order for us to process your request:

  • UPC
  • Label
  • Retailer(s)
  • Territory(s) (if applicable)


Full Takedown

If your request is approved, the product will be switched to Condition: Deleted, followed by deliveries of takedown messages to all music services where the product is live. Once the music services receive and ingest these messages, your product will be removed from the site.

The product will also remain in your Catalog as a record of its metadata and history, and the Deleted status will prevent it from being redelivered to any music services in the future.




Territory or Music Service Change

You can also request that a product be removed only from specific territories or music services. Since you aren't changing the overall condition of the product and simply changing the rights settings within the product, this is essentially a change request rather than a full takedown.

Once you've requested the change and it's been approved, the changes will be made to the product and update deliveries will be delivered to the relevant music services.

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