Submissions Policy

We strongly urge you to adhere to accepted style guide rules and metadata guidance when submitting content. Many music services have strict content formatting requirements and can change, block from going live and hide or remove content that is not up to their style and formatting standards.
Given that Ingrooves is responsible for delivering content to many music services, each with their own style and format requirements, it's absolutely essential that your content is set up in our systems according to our own rules and requirements.  This ensures not only accurate representation of your content on any given service, but across all services.
Penalties for Infractions
If you have five (5) or more style guide infractions over a 60-day period, including content
hidden by a retailer, you will receive a warning.  If any further titles are flagged within the subsequent 30-day period, your content will be subject to suspension of delivery across all music services.  Additionally, if you have three (3) or more infractions in any single month, your content will be subject to immediate suspension for further review.
What infractions can incur penalties and hidden content?
Retailers reserve the right to hide content on their storefront for the following reasons:
  • It contains incorrect or misleading artist information
  • If a legal dispute is not resolved within the amount of time specified by the retailer
  • If content (particularly cover art) is offensive, defamatory or sexually explicit
  • It contains Public Domain content not wanted by a retailer
  • Editorial discretion

If you at any time you are unclear on how best to format your metadata, contact

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