Understanding Conditions & Statuses

You’ll notice colored badges at various locations on your products that indicate the current state, condition or status of the product. The possible states are defined as follows:

Submissions and Change Requests

badge_-_draft.svg A product submission that is currently being created, is editable and hasn’t been submitted yet.
badge_-_pending_review.svg A product submission that is waiting for quality control approval and, once approved, will be imported into Releases.
badge_-_under_review.svg A product that is currently undergoing quality control review.
badge_-_rejected.svg A product that has been rejected after quality control review that must be amended before it can be brought into Releases and distributed. Refer to the included Rejection Notes included at the top of the Rejected submission.

A product that has completed the quality control process successfully. When a product enters this state, a Distribution Notification email is automatically sent to the person who submitted the product.

If the submitter is happy with the state of the Approved product, they can click Distribute to move it to Releases and queue it for distribution.

If no action is taken, the Approved product will automatically be imported into Releases after 48 hours and queued for distribution.

If changes need to be made to the Approved product, click Edit, make the necessary changes and Submit for Review, at which point Ingrooves quality control will review it again.

badge_-_approved_-_2.svg A product that has been Approved but is currently in an Edit state. If you receive a Distribution Notification and need to make changes to an Approved product, clicking Edit on it will move it into this state. The product will stay in this state indefinitely unless you submit your changes for review.
badge_-_pending_import.svg A product that has been approved by quality control and is in the process of being moved to Releases. This is a short-lived state that is rarely seen in Submissions.
badge_-_paused.svg A product that has been set aside from the usual Submissions workflow. This is generally used by Ingrooves quality control team to set aside content for further review, manage workflow volumes, or otherwise prevent a submission from progressing naturally through the usual Submissions workflow.
badge_-_error.svg A product that has experienced a technical issue during the process of being moved into Releases.



badge_-_released.svg A product that is ready and eligible for distribution.  Products in any other state are not distributable. Note that this is not referring to the Release Date or whether the product is actually live on music services.
badge_-_reviewed.svg A product that has essentially had deliveries put on hold. New products in Reviewed state will not be delivered to music services. If it had been previously delivered, subsequent update deliveries will be blocked. This state should be temporary and only used in cases where the contents of the product are in flux or if there have been serious issues identified that need to be fixed.
badge_-_deleted.svg A product set to Deleted will deliver takedowns to all previously delivered music services and cease to be distributable to additional music services.
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