Change Request Guidelines

While Central and our quality team ensure the requirements are met on new Submissions, older products may have been submitted under looser requirements.

If you are creating a Change Request for any reason, be sure to follow these guidelines.  Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the rejection of your Change Request – even if you are requesting a change to an unrelated field.

1. If Version information is included in any Title field, separate it into the Version field

2. Ensure that compound artists (combinations of more than one artist in a single artist field) are separated into individual artist fields

3. Fill in any missing P Lines and C Lines

4. Set product and track Price Tiers if they were not previously set

5. Ensure Writer/Composer roles are entered as a valid legal name in First Name Last Name format

6. Ensure all Publisher fields are accurately entered. “Copyright Control” is allowed

7. Ensure all Performing Rights Organization fields must be a valid are entered with a valid, existing Performing Rights Organization (PRO). “Copyright Control” is not allowed

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