Vevo Channel

The Vevo Channel field on Music Video products allows you to submit a destination Vevo channel where the video will reside on YouTube.

If you want to request the creation of a new destination Vevo channel, select New Channel in the Vevo Channel dropdown and enter the name of the new channel.  For new channel requests, you must also include the nationality of the artist of the destination channel.

New channel requests require 2 weeks lead time to set up.

All Vevo Channel names must be entered in format ArtistNameVEVO - no spaces and ending in "VEVO" (all caps).

If you want to provide or change a Vevo YouTube channel banner or Vevo YouTube page thumbnail, you may go here and from the dropdown select Vevo: New Channel Request or Vevo: Channel Updates.

Vevo YouTube channel banners must be exactly 2560 x 1440 pixels, no larger than 4MB.

Vevo YouTube page thumbnails must be exactly 5000 x 5000 pixels, no larger than 4MB.


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