Dispatch Definitions / Glossary

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  • Workspace - A Workspace is the overall umbrella in which you are working when using Dispatch. Think of it like a Google account, if you're using gmail logged in as "personalemail@gmail.com" and then switch to use "workemail@gmail.com" then all actions you are now taking fall under the "workemail@gmail.com" account. If you have access to multiple Workspaces then you can switch between them via the Workspace selector in the top right corner of the header menu. 
  • Asset - An Asset is any individual file you upload or import into Dispatch. It can be just about any file type you could want to use, you can add different metadata to it for searching and organization, and we'll even extract technical metadata from each asset upon upload
  • Collections - Collections are similar to folders, and they have a visible page you can view in the Dispatch UI. They are different from standard computer folders in that an Asset can exist in as many Collections as you want since they work by associating the Asset with the Collection instead of nesting it within the Collection (the way folders do on your computer).
  • Tags - Tags are used in a similar way to tags on videos or websites, in that you can search and organize your assets with them. We recommend adding tags that help describe the type or purpose of that asset.
  • Selection Panel - The selection panel is the bar that appears in the bottom of the page when any asset is selected. It's intended to be a speedy way to take bulk actions on the items you have selected.
  • Share Link - A share link is just that, a link you can generate to share assets or collections with non-Dispatch users out in the world. These are great to use for sending assets to team members who aren't using Dispatch, pitching for placements, getting feedback, and generally replacing things like private SoundCloud or YouTube links.



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