Uploading to Dispatch

Uploading to Dispatch is very easy! You can get to the Upload page by 1) hovering over "Dispatch" in your header menu then clicking "Upload", or by 2) clicking the "Upload" button next to the Search Bar.


  • Once you're on the Upload Page, you can "Browse" or "Drag and Drop" any files you want to upload
  • We recommend adding all metadata that's common to those files during upload (maybe they're all from the same Artist, Album, or Record Label? Or maybe you want to let other users in the Workspace know something about the Rights Info for the assets like "Don't send anywhere until after December 15th") because that will help everyone in your Workspace with searching and asset management later on
  • We also recommend using Collection and Tags to help organize your Workspace and aid in searching

HINT: If you have access to multiple Workspaces, make sure to check that you're uploading to the Workspace you want, which will show at the top of the page (see first sentence in the image below), and in the Workspace selector in the top right corner of the page


Upload Page:

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