Uploading to Dispatch

Watch how to Upload Assets here!

Uploading to Dispatch is very easy! As you get new assets in, we recommend uploading them to Dispatch right away, so your team has the assets they need to use stored in a collaborative location.You can initiate uploading by clicking the Upload option in the header, clicking the plus icon next to Assets in the left-hand sidebar, or choosing “upload Assets” in the Actions menu.

  • As you’re uploading assets, it’s also very helpful to organize them using Collections, which are very similar to folders. We recommend putting your assets in a general “Artist” Collection, as well as a Collection for specific Releases. Keep in mind, one asset can be in as many Collections as you’d like, without needing to duplicate or copy it. Assets can be added to Collections after upload as well, via their Detail Slider or within the Selection Panel.
  • You can also create Collections at any time via the plus icon next to Collections in the sidebar, as well as in any “Add to Collection” box.



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