3. Various Artists

Various Artist requirements vary by music service, and there are several exceptions allowed in very specific cases.  Some music services may substitute Various Artists into product level Artist fields as they require or substitute individual Artist values where Various Artists was submitted.

Following the rules below will ensure the expected results at the broadest range of music services.

3-1 Various Artists - On products with more than one track, Various Artists should be used as the product level Artist if the tracks collectively contain four (4) or more main artists.

3-2 Various Artists Spelling - The spelling “Various Artists” should always be used. Do not use abbreviations or different spellings (V.A., V/A, Various, Various Artist).

3-3 Various Artists Transcription - Various Artists may be transcribed into the language of the primary metadata fields (Title, Version and Artist) as indicated by the Metadata Language field.

3-4 Multiple Main Artists - If fewer than a total of four (4) Main artists are used across all tracks on a product, list those artists individually at the product level.  Do not use Various Artists.

3-5 Various Artists on Tracks - Do not use Various Artists in track level Artist fields.

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