5. Title and Version

Product Title and Version

5-1 Product Title - The product level Title (album title) should match the spelling on the artwork when applicable and should not contain additional information such as release format, artist or subtitle information.

5-2 Product Version - The product Version field is generally used to differentiate two otherwise identically titled versions of a Product.  They should only be used as needed for entry of supplementary, differentiating information such as: 

  • Remastered
  • Anniversary Edition
  • Deluxe Version
  • Live

5-3 Separation of Title and Version - Do not include Version information in any Title field.  Always enter separately in Version field.

5-4 Featured Artists in Titles - Do not include featured artists in any Title field.  Always enter them as a separate Artist with role Featured. 

Note: Although some music services appear to display featured artists as part of the song Title, they do so by combining featured artists into the Title themselves.

5-5 Product Level vs. Track Level Versions - On any product where the same Version is used on every track - including single-track products - the same Version must be included in the product level Version.  Example:

Product Title

Product Version

Track Title

Track Version

Title A


Track A



Track B



Track C



5-6 Title and Version Additional Information - Do not include any information in Title or Version that is unnecessary or better represented in other fields.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • EP
  • Single
  • LP
  • CD
  • Digital Only
  • Clean Version
  • Explicit
  • 12”

Note: Some music services may append “ - Single” or “ - EP” to product Titles at their discretion.

5-7 Product Type Suffixes - Do not append “ – Single” or “ – EP” to the Title field in an effort to meet music service requirements, as they will do so automatically as required.

Note: product titles that have the terms “Single” or “EP” as a structural part of the title, Example: “The Black EP”, “The EP” or “Feelin’ Single” may be incorrectly subjected to automatic changes at certain music services.  If a title is at risk for this kind of change, it may need additional attention during submission and distribution.

5-8 Multiple Version Values - If your product has more than one piece of Version information in the Version field, put the additional Versions in parenthesis.  Example:

5-9 Music Service Names in Titles and Versions - Although you may include music service names in very specific situations (Example: Spotify Sessions), these require prior authorization from the music service, will be subject to further review and may be rejected or blocked from delivery to other music services.


Track Title and Version

Track Title and Version fields should follow the same general rules as the product Title and Version fields. 

5-10 Track Version – The track Version field is generally used to differentiate two otherwise identically titled versions of a track.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Live
  • Radio Edit
  • Extended Version
  • Remix

5-11 Track Version Additional Information - Do not include generic additional information in track Title or Version fields, such as:

  • Original Mix
  • Album Version
  • Previously Unreleased

5-12 Title and Version vs. Audio Accuracy - Any uploaded audio asset must correspond to the track to which it is uploaded.

5-13 Versions on Generic Track Titles - If multiple, undifferentiated generic Track Titles are used like “Untitled” or “Interlude”, they will be subject to automatic addition of differentiating version information at some music services.  Example:

  • Untitled (Version 2)

To avoid unanticipated changes, differentiate all generic track Titles in a given product with your own information in the Version field for each.






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