11. Genres

Use the most specific genre available whenever appropriate (Example: Psych Rock instead of Rock).

Music services may re-categorize a genre at their discretion.  A genre choice is not a guarantee that it will display on the music service as the exact genre intended.

It is important to remember that each music service has their own genre classification system and their own methods of organizing and presenting genres.  Many genre choices are often converted or mapped during delivery from your choice in Central to a representation of that genre that most closely matches a given music service’s genres.   For example:


Ingrooves Genre

Music Service A

Music Service B




Folk (Singer/Songwriter)



Thrash Metal


Heavy Metal


Despite frequent translation or re-categorization by the music services, many genre choices translate directly and are categorized verbatim at music services, so it is still recommended to always choose the most specific genre possible.

11-1 Genre Misclassification - Genres must not be egregiously misclassified (Example: Easy Listening chosen for a Death Metal product).

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