General Searching

Dispatch Search is very flexible, and it's tabbed out by content type, similar to Google searching. In other words, when on the "Assets Tab" you're searching across only Assets. When on the "Collections Tab"  you're searching across only Collections. See image below.

Once you're on the tab you want, you can search across "all" metadata fields in your Workspace if you simply start typing into the search box. That will return all matches that have the term entered anywhere in the searchable metadata (for that content type).

Filtering in the Search Bar

You'll notice a "half pill" in the search bar before you start searching. If you click the dropdown arrow on those "pills" then you can select a specific category on which you'd like to search, like Artist name, Asset name, Tags, etc. This behavior is most useful when in "Gallery View" (search view with large thumbnails) since you don't have sorting and filtering options within a table.

NOTE: You can add multiple filters to your search, if you're searching for something very specific.


Sorting (Gallery View only)

You can also sort the results in Gallery View by: A to Z, Z to A, New to Old, or Old to New. The New/Old sorting is done in relationship to the last modification to that item, whether that be editing or uploading (if it's never been edited).


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