User Management

Managing Dispatch Users is done in the same way that you manage users in Central. Most actions need to be done via request made by a Workspace Admin to

Types of User Management that Workspace Admins can request:

  • Request a New User
  • Remove an Existing User
  • Edit Existing User's permissions

User Permissions

User Permissions dictate how users can interact with Dispatch, and they're applied on a Workspace-by-Workspace basis, meaning that a user with access to multiple Workspaces could have one set of permissions in "Workspace A" and an entirely different set of permissions in "Workspace B".

User Permissions options:

  • View - View Assets/Collections/etc within a given Workspace
  • Edit - Edit Assets/Collections/etc within a given Workspace
  • Upload - Upload Assets to a given Workspace
  • Download - Download Assets from within a given Workspace
  • Share - Share Assets/Collections from a given Workspace via Link Sharing
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