What's New?

Ingrooves Style Guide 3.0 is a major revision and expansion of the previous version.  Numerous updates, revisions to old rules, addition of new rules and entire new sections have been added for 3.0.

This version also marks the move to a numbered rule system and is the first version-controlled edition.  Updates and expansions will be introduced more frequently through new versions, each with a What’s New section outlining the changes.


New from the previous version (2.0):

  • Overall reformatting and rule numbering
  • Title and Version section expanded
  • Artists section expanded
  • Various Artists section expanded
  • Writers and Composers section expanded
  • DJ Mixes reformatted and expanded into Continuous Mixes (DJ Mixes) section
  • Publisher and Collection Society section updated to Publisher and Performing Rights Organization
  • Capitalization Guidelines section added
  • Single-Track Product section added
  • Original Release Date section added
  • C and P Line section expanded and updated
  • Lyrics section added
  • Live Products and Tracks section added
  • Soundtracks section added
  • Karaoke, Covers and Tributes section added
  • Cover Image Content section added
  • Music Video Content section added
  • Music Video specifications appendix added
  • ISRC Guidelines appendix added
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