4. Writers and Composers

4-1 Writer and Composer Spelling and Format - Writers and Composers should be entered as the exact name of the person as registered with their respective performing rights organization, typically the writer’s or composer’s full legal name using First Name Last Name format:

  • Kurt Cobain
  • John Lennon

Note: If a stage name or band name is entered it is subject to further review and will likely be rejected, at which point evidence of the registered name may be required.

4-2 Compound Writers and Composers - Only one person must be entered in each Writer/Composer field.  

Note: If one person is both a writer and composer, you may enter them once and choose the Writer/Composer role.

4-3 Original Writers and Composers of Covers - The original writers or composers must be entered on covers or derivatives of songs written or composed by someone other than the performing artist.


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