14. C and P Lines

C Line

The C Line (copyright line) indicates copyright ownership in works other than the sound recording itself, which is signified by the P Line.  On the product level, this generally refers to ownership of rights in the cover image but can refer to underlying musical compositions.

On the track level, the C Line generally refers to the rights in the lyrics or composition underlying the recording.

P Line

The P Line (phonogram copyright line) indicates the owner of the rights in the sound recording.  The year date indicates the year of first publication of the sound recording, while the text indicates the current owner of the rights in the original sound recording or master.


14-1 C and P Line Format - Copyright lines must be formatted with the four-digit year and the name of the person or entity that owns the copyright.   

As the fields are entered, the full C or P line will be displayed underneath the entry fields. The © or ℗ symbols are added automatically.  Example:




Note: On track level C and P lines, you have the option to “Use Album Copyright/Phonographic Copyright Line” to insert the product level C and P line value automatically where appropriate.

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