17. Continuous Mixes (DJ Mixes)

Continuous Mix tracks are one track comprising multiple songs mixed together by a DJ.

Products with Continuous Mixes may include the individual, non-continuously-mixed tracks that comprise the Continuous Mix in addition to the long Continuous Mix track itself. 

Some services also support ‘tracked’ Continuous Mixes that allow for seamless playback of the entire Continuous Mix spread across the entire track list.

17-1 Crediting Product-Level DJs - If a product is a collection of different tracks compiled and/or mixed together by a DJ, enter them as Artist on the product level with role DJ.

17-2 Crediting Track-Level DJs – Full-length Continuous Mix tracks should have the DJ entered as Artist with role DJ on the track.

17-3 Continuous Mix Indicator – Full-length Continuous Mix tracks must have the “Continuous Mix” checkbox checked.

17-4 Crediting Multiple DJs - If four (4) or more DJs mixed the continuous mix(es) on a product, use Various Artists and assign role DJ.

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