18. Live Products and Tracks

18-1 Track Versions on Live Tracks - All tracks recorded live must include “Live” in the Track Version field.

18-2 Product Versions on Live Products - If “Live” is an integral part of the product’s title, it can be included in the Product Title field. Example:

  • Against Me! – 23 Live Sex Acts
  • Iron Maiden – Live After Death
  • Ben Folds – Ben Folds Live

18-3 Product Versions for Live Tracks - If more than 50% of the tracks on a product are Live versions, the Product Version must also include “Live” (without quotation marks).

18-4 Live Version Location and Date - If a Live product includes metadata on time and location of the live performance, include it in the Version information in the format:

  • Live at Place, Year/Date

18-5 Live Version Language - Live version information should be included in the primary metadata language of the product.  Example:

  • En Vivo or En Directo (Spanish)
  • Ao Vivo (Portuguese)
  • Dal Vivo (Italian)
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