20. Karaoke, Covers and Tributes

20-1 Karaoke and Tribute Deceptive Metadata - Karaoke and Tribute products must not contain deceptive Artist or Title/Version metadata that would lead listeners to believe the original artist is performing it.

Note: Violations may result in submissions being rejected. Multiple violations may result in entire catalogs being blocked.



20-2 Karaoke Genre - All karaoke content must have Karaoke selected as the Genre.

20-3 Karaoke Indicators in Version - Product Version and Track Version fields must indicate that the product or track is karaoke, Example:

  • Karaoke
  • Karaoke Version

20-4 Karaoke Original Artists in Artist Fields - Original artists must not be included in an Artist field on Karaoke products or tracks.

20-5 Karaoke Original Artists in Version Fields - An original artist’s name may be included in the Product Version or Track Version fields but must include language that makes it clear they are not performing on the track.  Example: “Originally Performed By…”

20-6 Karaoke Videos - Karaoke videos are not accepted.


Covers and Tributes

20-7 Cover Track Original Writers and Composers – Cover and tribute tracks must include the Writers and Composers of the original song.

20-8 Cover Track Original Artists in Title and Version - Track Title and Version fields of covers must not reference the original artist.

20-9 Cover and Tribute Product Title - Product Titles of cover and tribute products that begin with the original artist’s name are subject to further review and may be rejected.

20-10 Cover and Tribute Track Title and Version References - Track Titles and Track Versions of cover or tribute songs may not contain references to the original artist or phrases like “Originally Performed By,” “In the Style of,” “Tribute To” or “Cover of”.

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