22. Music Video Content

22-1 Music Video Black Frames – Music Videos must begin and end with at least one completely black frame.

22-2 Multiple Songs in Music Videos – The video must be a Music Video for only one song.  Interviews, non-music videos and multi-song music videos will be rejected.

22-3 Logos, Overlays and Overlay Text in Music Videos – Music Videos must not contain music service logos, references to release date, advertisements, promotional text, lower-third text or graphic overlays.

22-4 Lyric Videos and Art Tracks – Music Videos that are Lyric Videos or Art Tracks will be blocked from delivery to iTunes / Apple Music.

Note: A Lyric Video contains scrolling or static lyric text or lyric text that is stylized or is a main visual focus of the video.

An Art Track video is a promotional still-image video (usually the audio product's cover art or a slide show) with the song's audio playing underneath.

22-5 Music Video Thumbnail Image – A Music Video’s Thumbnail Image must not contain overlay text, excessive motion blur, artist names, music video title information or unauthorized trademarks.

22-6 Letter-boxing and Black Matting in Music Videos – Letter-boxing and black matting (horizontal or vertical only, not both in the same video) is allowed but will be automatically cropped on delivery to iTunes / Apple Music. 

22-7 Non-Standard Music Video Matting - Videos with non-standard matting (combined vertical and horizontal, circular, matting that changes over the course of the video) may be rejected or restricted from delivery to certain music services.

22-8 Music Video or Thumbnail Image Use of Trademarked or Copyrighted Material – A Music Video or its Thumbnail Image must not prominently feature trademarked or copyrighted words, phrases, characters, logos or other material without ownership or license of the rights in the material.  Prominently featured copyrighted or trademarked material may be subject to further review and require proof of rights.

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