Link Sharing

Dispatch Users with the "Share" permission enabled are able to share assets and collections with non-Dispatch users via custom Dispatch Links. You can share assets in this way from a few different places within Dispatch, as noted below.

  1. Sharing single assets
    1. Asset Detail Page
    2. Asset "Quick View"
  2. Sharing multiple assets
    1. Collection Pages
    2. Selecting multiple assets + sending from the Selection Panel

No matter how many assets you're sharing, or what page you're sharing from, you'll be taken to the Send Modal once you hit any "send" button in the Dispatch UI. Once there, to Share a link, you'll select "Share Link" in the Send Modal. Once selected, you'll see the modal options shown below. Fill out at least the Link name (required) and enter the rest of the information as desired. Once you click "Create Link", a confirmation modal will appear with your link shown. Use it however you need from there on out, and you can search and find the link in the "Share Link" search tab, using the metadata you'd entered.


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