Sharing Assets & Collections

Watch how to Share here!

  • Dispatch Users with the "Share" permission enabled are able to share assets and collections with non-Dispatch users via custom Dispatch Share Links.
  • Once you’ve decided to Share an asset or set of Assets with outside (non-Dispatch) users, there are multiple ways to make it happen. First, you can share an entire Collection by navigating to the Collection you want to Share, and then clicking “Share” in the Primary Action button in the top right corner. Sharing an entire Collection will mean that any future changes made to that Collection will be reflected in that Share Link
  • If you want to share a single asset, you can do that by clicking the “Share” option on the asset card, or the Share button in the asset detail slider.
  • If you want to share a group of selected assets, you can start by selecting all the assets you’d like to share. As you start selecting, you’ll notice the selection panel appears at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve made your selections, click “Share” in the selection panel.
  • All of those paths to Sharing will bring you to the Share Link Settings modal. On there, you can optionally choose to 
    • 1) Allow the end user to be able to download the assets to their computer. If left disabled, the user will only be able to interact with the assets on the screen.
    • 2) Set an expiration date. If an expiration date is set, then the link will no longer be active after that date and time.
    • 3) Set a password. If a password is set, then any user trying to access the link will need to enter the password before they’re able to see the content.
    • And 4) write a message. This message will be shown to the anyone who views the share link, and it’s typically used to give them context about the assets or leave contact info for them.
  • Once your settings are where you’d like, then simply copy the link and use it as needed! This is what a share link will look like to the person who clicks through it, with some variance based on the settings you enabled.


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