Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) Product Setup

Review Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) Overview for detailed definitions before beginning a Continuous Mix product setup.

The easiest way to set up a Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) product is to use the supplied checkboxes to accurately describe the nature of the product or track.


The DJ Role

Use the Artist Role of "DJ" to indicate the artist that mixed the continuous mix.

On the product level, the DJ role applies to the entire product. It should be used to indicate the compiler and mixer of the continuous mix product.

On the track level, the DJ role should only be used on Full Continuous Mix tracks to indicate the artist responsible for mixing all of the constituent tracks into one long continuous mix file.


Compilation in the Context of Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) Products

On the product level, you can use the Compilation checkbox to identify the product as such.  If the Continuous Mix product comprises primarily licensed songs by numerous different artists (Eg: DJ Kicks, Back to Mine, Fabriclive, et al.), mark the product as Compilation.

However, a product can be or contain a Continuous Mix without technically being a compilation.  Examples include an album of original works that include the works mixed together in a Continuous Mix.

The Compilation identifier can impact how music services categorize the product in search results and artist pages and may be used to block deliveries of the product to content ID services.


Full Continuous Mix

On the track level, use the Full Continuous Mix checkbox to identify it as a long track consisting of multiple individual songs continuously mixed together (such as a full DJ mix).

This checkbox will most often be used on products that contain either one Full Continuous Mix file and no individual tracks in the track list or one Full Continuous Mix file and all of the unmixed constituent tracks in their original form (each of which should not be marked as any kind of Continuous Mix).

Note: products that contain any Full Continuous Mix tracks are no longer accepted by Apple Music / iTunes and will be blocked from delivery.

Continuously Mixed Individual Song

Also on the track level, use the Continuously Mixed Individual Song checkbox to identify it as an individual song cut from a longer DJ mix. The track should be song-length and audibly part of the longer continuous mix. Playback of sequential Continuously Mixed Individual Songs should result in a seamless continuous mix listening experience.

If you are using this checkbox at all, it is all but guaranteed that every track on the product should be marked Continuously Mixed Individual Song.

Note: products where all tracks are Continuously Mixed Individual Songs are now the only type Apple Music / iTunes will accept.  Products that contain a mixture of Continuously Mixed Individual Songs and any other type of track will also be blocked.

If your product is not configured that way and you need it to go to Apple Music / iTunes, create a separate version that meets the configuration requirements.




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