Timed Release

The Timed Release feature allows you to assign a specific time of day for a given product to go live instantly across the globe at the chosen music services that support it.




For example, if you want the product to go live in coordination with a live performance, social media announcement or any other marketing event, you can have the product go live globally at one moment, rather than have it go live in each time zone as the date changes to the Release Date.

Because a chosen Timed Release time will likely always be later than midnight on the chosen date, you are required to choose a Timed Release Date earlier than the primary Release Date.  This ensures that the critical moment your Timed Release goes live, it hasn't already been beaten to the punch in some territories by other music services abiding by the primary Release Date.


Setting Up a Timed Release

First, set the product's primary Release Date as you normally would.  Once entered, click Activate Timed Release to expose the Timed Release fields.

Then choose a Timed Release Date that is before the primary Release Date.  The date chooser will block you from choosing the same date as the Release Date.

Finally, choose the time of day you'd like the Timed Release to go live.


Setting the Timed Release Time in UTC

Note the time is entered as UTC time (essentially the same time as the GMT time zone).  It is critically important that you properly identify the accurate UTC time associated with any local time zone you may be thinking of entering.

For example, if the product should go live at 5:00pm in New York City on a given date, you will have to enter the UTC time - which is 10:00pm UTC for the date of December 29 - as shown in the example above.

If you are unsure about the conversion from a given local time to UTC time, click the "What is Dec 29, 2020 10:00:00 PM UTC in other timezones?" link below the time.  There you can see the entered time in a number of major cities or enter the UTC time or local time in a given city to find out the correct value.


Setting the Timed Release Music Service

As this feature is only supported by a small handful of music services, overall support is limited.  As support in Central for additional music services is added, they will appear in the music service box under the Timed Release date and time fields.

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