Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) Overview

Continuous Mix or "DJ Mix" refers to a collection of different songs blended or mixed together in sequence by a DJ.  These mixes may include licensed songs, songs from the given label's catalog, originals from the mixing DJ, or a combination of any of the above.

Sonically, these mixes are unique from a standard compilation product in that the songs are audibly blended together, and elements of more than one simultaneous song can usually be heard intermittently throughout the mix, particularly during transitions from one track to the next.

These long Continuous Mixes generally fall into three product configurations, outlined below.

Note: Apple Music / iTunes will only accept the Continuously Mixed Individual Songs configuration. 

If you would like your Continuous Mix product to be delivered to Apple Music / iTunes, you must submit it in that format.  All other formats will be blocked.

If you would like other formats to be delivered to other music services, you are required to create multiple versions of the same product in the desired configurations.

See Continuous Mix (DJ Mix) Product Setup for details on how to set these up in Central.


Full Continuous Mix Only

These products generally comprise only one long track consisting of multiple individual songs continuously mixed together.  These are often around one hour long and contain many tracks mixed together.

This is the simplest way to submit a Continuous Mix product but is the least flexible, hides all of the constituent track metadata, and is not accepted by every music service.


Unmixed Singles + Full Continuous Mix

More commonly, Continuous Mix products contain all of the constituent songs in their original, unmixed form with one of the first or last tracks on the product containing the long, Full Continuous Mix file.

This is the most flexible configuration in that individual songs can be downloaded or streamed/play-listed in their original, unmixed form in addition to the entire Continuous Mix being available for listening.  The downside is that the front-to-back listening experience (usually all unmixed tracks followed by all of the same tracks in the Continuous Mix itself) is not ideal.


Continuously Mixed Individual Songs

This format is essentially the same as the result of ripping a Continuous Mix from CD.  The entire Continuous Mix recording is split across the track list.  Playback of sequential Continuously Mixed Individual Songs should result in a seamless Continuous Mix listening experience.

Again this is most similar to Continuous Mixes on CD.  The listener can experience the entire seamless Continuous Mix while retaining the ability to skip to individual tracks within the mix. 

The downside is that the constituent tracks do not stand well in isolation.  If one Continuously Mixed Individual Song is downloaded or play-listed, elements of other tracks in the mix are likely to be present, particularly at the beginning or end of the track, and the beginning and end are likely to audibly, abruptly start and stop, respectively.


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