Load Audio or Cover Image Asset from Dispatch

If you already have Audio or Cover Image assets saved in Dispatch, you can find and directly load them into a Draft product in Submissions.

On a Draft product in Submissions, click the arrow icon on the right side of the Upload Asset box on one of your tracks.



You can also click the Dispatch icon within the Cover Image upload box if you are loading a Cover Image.



Once clicked, a new Dispatch browser tab will open allowing you to search your Dispatch assets and find the file you need. Select the file, click Add to Product, and Central will load it directly from Dispatch into your Draft product.

Keep in mind that you may have assets in Dispatch that do not pass audio or image requirements for a distribution product. Once you load a file from Dispatch into your Draft product in Submissions, the usual asset validation will run and will notify you if the file is invalid (eg: if it is an image file with the wrong dimensions).

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