Audio and Cover Image Change Requests

For Audio and High Resolution Audio (HRA) products, you can use Central Change Requests to submit new audio or cover image files for a given product.

First, start a Change Request from the product you want to change in your Catalog. Then:


To change a track's audio

Remove the audio on the desired track by clicking the garbage can icon on the audio asset box. Once removed, you can upload a new file as you normally would on a new Submission, or retrieve the desired audio file from Dispatch.


To change a product's Cover Image

Hover over the Cover Image and click the garbage can icon to remove the original Cover Image. Once removed, you can upload a new file as you normally would on a new Submission, or retrieve the desired image file from Dispatch.


Revert back to original file

If at any point you would like to revert back to the original file, remove the newly uploaded audio file (if any) and hover over the yellow pencil icon in the asset box. When it switches to an Undo icon, click it to bring back the original file for the track.



Once uploaded, audio or image validation will run and tell you if the newly uploaded file meets all required specifications. If it does not, the box will turn red and provide details on the error when clicked. The audio must be valid before you can submit your Change Request.

Note: very old products may show validation errors as soon as you create the Change Request. This is due to the fact that asset requirements have changed over time and some previously submitted assets do not meet today's requirements.

If you would like to replace older invalid assets, you are welcome to do so. However these older pre-existing files will not prevent you from making changes to other parts of the product.


Submitting the Change Request

Once you've completed the desired audio or image changes and the new files have passed validation, you can Submit for Review, at which point the Change Request will follow the normal quality control process and be applied to the product in your Catalog.

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