Dispatch Campaigns Explained

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What is Dispatch Campaigns?

  • Dispatch Campaigns helps you plan and manage your releases throughout the release cycle. After Dispatch asks a few questions, it generates a customized campaign plan with specific recommendations and best practices that will be delivered right when they’re needed. The team and task management tools further help you manage and prioritize day-to-day responsibilities, tracking the progress in real time. Think of it as a music-focused project management solution, built right into your Dispatch workspace!

  • General Features
    • Teams can create, edit, and complete tasks throughout the release cycle
    • Teams will have access to the Ingrooves Release Templates for Albums, Singles, and Music Videos
    • Teams will be able to track their progress along the way
    • "Blank" Campaigns can also be created for DIY'ers

Campaigns Dashboard

This is the homepage of Dispatch Campaigns! Here you can create new campaigns, see your active campaigns, and check out the upcoming tasks across all your Campaigns. 

Campaign Pages

This is where you view and manage individual Campaigns. You can create, complete, and edit tasks, as well as sort and filter them to find what you're looking for. As you move through the tasks you'll be able to track the entire team's progress in the charts along the right side. 

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