Songs on the Move Main View

Songs on the Move displays on the home page of Trends Now. It allows you to quickly view which songs are experiencing significant changes in growth.


Up to five songs are displayed at a time. If there are any additional songs, they can be viewed by clicking the next arrow (>) or page number at the bottom right corner. You can also click a specific song to see more detail in the Song View.


In the Main View, songs tagged with a yellow flag to the right of the song indicate a high potential marketing opportunity. The yellow flag is present on songs showing positive, upward growth due to active listening. Active listening stems from those individuals who are purposefully seeking out your song by streaming from their collections or from the artist’s page, indicative of strong listener engagement.


With Songs on the Move, you can now know more about what is happening with your specific songs that are trending toward growth. With this additional insight, you may seek to take advantage of this opportunity to expand the song’s growth further.


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