Song View Current Playlists Overview

The Current Playlists section lists only the key playlists that are most directly responsible for contributing to your song’s activity and growth. This starts to make sense when considering not only that there are many tens of thousands of playlists out there and growing, but also the type of playlist, especially those that fall under the personalized or third party categories, which will be covered shortly.

NOTE: Refer to the Playlists 101 under Help to learn more about how different playlists work, with an emphasis on Spotify’s playlists. This information will provide additional context in understanding how Trends Now displays playlist information.

Trends Now shows a song’s playlist information, based on the category of playlist the song is added to, as follows:

  • Algorithmic (100% personalized)
  • Playlists (personalized or third party)
  • Playlist Adds/Drops (editorial)
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