Song View Current Playlists: Algorithmic

If a song has been added to Release Radar, Discover Weekly, or one of the other algorithmic (100% personalized) playlists, you will see the name of the playlist along with a retailer-specific icon, the total number of your song’s streams that came from that playlist, and the percent change up or down from the prior 7-day period. Once one of your songs has been added to one of these playlists, that playlist will appear at the top of the Current Playlists section.


Even if your song is dropped from that playlist, that playlist will remain listed, as one of the key sources having contributed to your song’s growth. Due to the nature of these completely personalized playlists included in every listener’s account, songs get added and dropped on an ongoing basis. Trends Now will update this section when a song has been added along with stream counts, but it will not overload you every time your song gets dropped from or re-added to an algorithmic playlist.


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