Song View Overview

Clicking a song on Songs on the Move’s Main View on the home page will take you to the Song View.


The Song View will provide more detail about what is currently happening with your song. It will let you know what is currently behind, or driving, the increase in streaming behavior. This view will let you know if the change is due to a specific retailer or multiple retailers and if the source of those streams is coming from active or passive listening sources. In addition, you will know when that specific driver was first detected and how many days the song has been experiencing that change.


As each song’s journey is unique, a song may have multiple drivers responsible for the growth over time. If there are multiple drivers, the bar at the bottom will break out into segments. Hover over each segment to see specific details around what was responsible for the change in streaming behavior during that particular period of time.

Hover over the “Experiencing change” displayed above the bar to see the current “as of” date for when the streaming data was last made available.



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