Song View Source of Streams

Source of Streams lists a breakdown of the types of streams coming from a specific retailer, broken down as follows:

  • Collections
  • Playlists
  • Radio
  • Other

Similar to the Number of Streams view, Source of Streams lists the total source stream counts for the last 7 days and the % change up (green arrow) or down (red arrow) from the previous 7 days. 

The line graph to the right shows the retailer’s source stream counts for the last 14 days. Hover over each line to see the date of those streams and stream counts by source. The most current date for source streams can be found by hovering over the line at the far right. Current mix shows how much a particular source stream is contributing to a song’s activity, expressed as a percentage (%).


If you want to only see one or a selection of retailer source streams, click the eye icon to the left of the source listed to hide that retailer’s source streams. The hidden source’s eye icon will display with a downward slash (\). Simply click the eye icon again to display that source’s streams.


Trends Now provides sources of streams from Spotify and Apple Music only. The other retailers (Deezer, Google Music, and Pandora) either do not provide or have only recently begun to provide this level of stream source detail to be made available in a future Trends Now release.

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