Song View Current Playlists: Personalized and Third Party

This section includes any one of the numerous personalized or third party playlists to which your song has been added.

Up to five playlists are displayed at a time. If there are additional playlists you want to see, you can click the next arrow or a page number at the bottom of the Playlists view.

For each playlist, you will see the name of the playlist, playlist thumbnail graphic, the retailer-specific icon, the number of playlist followers, and the creator of the playlist. Playlists created by the retailer are personalized playlists while those created by a different variety of users are third party playlists. The total number of your song’s streams from that playlist for the last 7 days is shown along with the % change up (green arrow) or down (red arrow) from the prior 7 days.

Playlist stream activity is shown as a line graph for the last 14 days, followed by the date when Trends Now first received song consumption data from the retailer for that playlist.

Hover over the playlist’s line graph to see the total playlist streams for a particular day. Hover over the rightmost end of the line to see the current “as of” date.


When a song gets added to a personalized playlist (created by the retailer with a mixture of “fixed” and algorithmically generated songs), it does not necessarily mean that your song will appear on every listener’s version of that playlist. 

For example, let’s say that you find out that your song has just been added to Spotify’s very popular Beast Mode playlist. This is of course great news and you intend to post this on social as soon as possible. You immediately check Trends Now and to your surprise, Beast Mode is not listed. You will likely then wonder why it has not shown up, if it will show up, and when. 

For personalized playlists such as Beast Mode, Trends Now will display that playlist when the retailer sends over the playlist information (24-48 hour delay, which varies depending on each retailer) and there is actual consumption, or song streams, from that playlist. This is to ensure that the playlist that shows up in Trends Now is actually contributing to your song’s growth versus listing a song that then gets dropped or no one ends up listening to because the song does not appear on many listener’s playlists and/or its placement is so far down. As such, Trends Now will only display playlists that have met a minimum of 250 streams over a 14-day period.

The third party and purely algorithmic playlists are similar to the personalized playlists in that a song that has been added to this type of playlist will appear once Trends Now receives the playlist data that is also tied to your song’s streams coming from this playlist that meet the streaming threshold. When the playlist actually shows up depends on when both of these things happen. Because these playlists are dynamic in nature and tend to be frequently updated with other songs, resulting in ongoing adds and/or drops, Trends Now will not display this information as this activity is too volatile and numerous to provide real valuable meaning behind what is contributing to your song’s growth.

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