Playlists 101: Algorithmic Playlists

Algorithmic playlists are 100% personalized, tailored specifically to the individual listener’s interests, based on his or her past listening behaviors as well as specific recommendations of songs the retailer thinks the listener will also like. The number of algorithmic playlists is small in comparison to editorial and even more so to personalized or third party playlists.

For Spotify, purely algorithmic playlist examples are Release Radar and Discover Weekly. Both of these playlists are part of every Spotify listener’s account and are updated on a weekly basis. For example, Release Radar provides new music by artists the listener would likely play based on past listening behaviors. Discover Weekly offers music the listener has probably never heard before but is likely to enjoy stemming from prior listening patterns, as a way for listeners to “discover'' new music. This means that songs on these playlists are different for and unique to each listener. Getting a song added to one of these playlists can indicate that new listeners are getting exposed to your music or are likely real fans of your music. 

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